If you are in the ecommerce business, then you must be aware that WordPress is one of the most spread e-commerce solutions available out there, since it currently powers around 60 million websites and blogs. When you are thinking about the product selling options that you want your site to have, you need to consider which will be the best WordPress plugin for you to use and in this article, we will compare two of the most popular ones, WooCommerce and WP ecommerce.


This plugin, as a part of the E-commerce solution, was presented in September 2011 and it has since been one of the fastest growing platforms. The company behind this plugin did it’s very best to create a platform that is a very high quality that will be able to provide its users with all of the necessary functions that are required when building an e-commerce website. If you want to start your business with this platform, then all you have to do is visit their site, register an account and simply download the provided extension and install it. When it comes to the overall design of your ecommerce website, this is probably the best plugin to use since it offers you hundreds of different templates and themes to help you with the whole process. You also get a very wide range of product management opportunities which means that you will be able to sell both digital downloads and physical items, as well as grouped product items variations.

WP ecommerce

When talking about this WordPress ecommerce plugin, it’s only fair to mention that this is a much older and much more mature platform. The good thing about this is that the company already has a lot of experience behind them and it is also the most widespread WordPress plugin since it has already been downloaded more than two million times. The installation process is also very straight-forward, the only thing in which this platform is a bit messier in than its opposite end is the fact that you get a few tabs on your admin panel instead of one, and they are for all of the different store functions that you will get. When it comes to the design aspect, you get default themes that are already available, as well as a number of different themes that you can simply download from the internet. Some of the biggest benefits of using this platform are that you get a ton of features like product variation management, image zoom, simple product uploading, one-page and guest checkouts, customer personalized items, and much, much more.

When looking at these WordPress e-commerce plugins, you need to remember that both of them already have a very solid reputation and a lot of users. It is up to you now to see which one suits your style best and which one you think will be the most beneficial for your business.


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